The ILogicController interface. More...

#include "murl_graph_i_logic_controller.h"

Inheritance diagram for Murl::Graph::ILogicController:

Public Member Functions

virtual IControllerGetControllerInterface ()=0
 Get the mutable IController interface. More...
virtual const IControllerGetControllerInterface () const =0
 Get the constant IController interface. More...
virtual Bool SetLogicAppGraph (Logic::IAppGraphPtr logicAppGraph)=0
 Set the logic graph callback object. More...
virtual Logic::IAppGraphPtr GetLogicAppGraph ()=0
 Get the logic graph callback object. More...

Detailed Description

The ILogicController interface.

See Graph::Node for details on creating controllers via an XML scene graph description.

Member Function Documentation

◆ GetControllerInterface() [1/2]

virtual IController* Murl::Graph::ILogicController::GetControllerInterface ( )
pure virtual

Get the mutable IController interface.

The mutable IController interface.

◆ GetControllerInterface() [2/2]

virtual const IController* Murl::Graph::ILogicController::GetControllerInterface ( ) const
pure virtual

Get the constant IController interface.

The constant IController interface.

◆ SetLogicAppGraph()

virtual Bool Murl::Graph::ILogicController::SetLogicAppGraph ( Logic::IAppGraphPtr  logicAppGraph)
pure virtual

Set the logic graph callback object.

logicAppGraphThe logic graph callback object.
true if successful.

◆ GetLogicAppGraph()

virtual Logic::IAppGraphPtr Murl::Graph::ILogicController::GetLogicAppGraph ( )
pure virtual

Get the logic graph callback object.

logicAppGraph The logic graph callback object.

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