Murl::Logic::IAppStepable Interface Referenceabstract

The IAppStepable interface. More...

#include "murl_logic_i_app_stepable.h"

Inheritance diagram for Murl::Logic::IAppStepable:

Public Member Functions

virtual void OnSetEnabled (Bool isEnabled)=0
 Called by IStepable::SetEnabled(). More...
virtual void OnReset ()=0
 Called by IStepable::Reset().
virtual void OnProcessTick (const Logic::IState *state)=0
 Called by IStepable::ProcessTick(). More...
virtual void OnFinishTick (const Logic::IState *state)=0
 Called by IStepable::FinishTick(). More...

Detailed Description

The IAppStepable interface.

This interface is used by the IStepable object to callback the app.

Member Function Documentation

◆ OnSetEnabled()

virtual void Murl::Logic::IAppStepable::OnSetEnabled ( Bool  isEnabled)
pure virtual

Called by IStepable::SetEnabled().

This method is used to track the enabled state.

isEnabledtrue if enabled.

Implemented in Murl::Logic::GraphInstanceObjects< InstanceObjectType >, and Murl::Logic::BaseStepable.

◆ OnProcessTick()

virtual void Murl::Logic::IAppStepable::OnProcessTick ( const Logic::IState state)
pure virtual

◆ OnFinishTick()

virtual void Murl::Logic::IAppStepable::OnFinishTick ( const Logic::IState state)
pure virtual

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