Murl Engine API Reference

Welcome to the Murl Engine API Reference!

This section contains information about all publicly available C++ classes, interfaces, functions etc., as well as a description of the various XML files used for defining scene graphs, resources and animations.

C++ Reference

The following page contains the main C++ reference, with all entities shown as members of their logical group (i.e. "module"):

The next two pages hierarchically show the available namespaces and classes within namespaces:

This page contains an alphabetical index of all classes:

Here you can find all enumerations in the Murl::IEnums namespace.

XML Reference

These pages summarize all available XML elements and their attributes that can be used to create instances of their respective node classes in a scene graph XML file:

The following two pages show a summary of available XML elements and their attributes that can be specified within a package.xml file:

The following page contains a summary of graph node classes and the various XML animation key elements these nodes react on:

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