The IStateSlot property interface. More...

#include "murl_graph_i_state_slot.h"

Inheritance diagram for Murl::Graph::IStateSlot:

Public Member Functions

virtual Bool SetSlot (SInt32 slot)=0
 Set the slot index to use. More...
virtual SInt32 GetSlot () const =0
 Get the slot index to use. More...

Detailed Description

The IStateSlot property interface.

This interface provides a common way to select a generic "slot" in which an object is used. One application of this mechanism is found in the Graph::IProcessOutputTracker interface, where e.g. different video rendering entities like textures, materials etc. are assigned to specific slots during scene graph traversal, using state nodes like Graph::ITextureState or Graph::IMaterialState, respectively. In this case, these slots serve as a connection for rendering geometry with dynamically assigned properties. See also Graph::IStateUnit.

Member Function Documentation

◆ SetSlot()

virtual Bool Murl::Graph::IStateSlot::SetSlot ( SInt32  slot)
pure virtual

Set the slot index to use.

slotThe slot index.
true if successful.

◆ GetSlot()

virtual SInt32 Murl::Graph::IStateSlot::GetSlot ( ) const
pure virtual

Get the slot index to use.

The slot index.

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